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7 suction cup dildos that won’t budge no matter how much you bounce them

7 suction cup dildos that won’t budge no matter how much you bounce them.
Anyone who has used a suction cup dildo will tell you that they are not a toy you skimp on. You could probably settle for cheaper lube or a pack of condoms, but when it comes to suction cup dildos, you’ll be better off if you spend a little more money.

Fortunately, unlike vibrators, smart sex toys and luxury masturbators, the dildo category is a bit simpler in design, so it doesn’t experience the same dramatic price swings. Obviously, not all sex toys are predicated on economic accessibility, so it’s a breath of fresh air to know that silicone suction dildos usually retail for no more than $25. If they do cost more, there may be a good reason to raise the price (maybe it vibrates, “grows”, or it’s one of those squirting dildos).

What is a suction cup dildo?
A suction cup dildo is a sex toy that you attach to a hard surface (with wall-to-wall carpeting?) via their suction cup base. You should definitely check out this XBIZ Award nominated TOM v2 suction cup dildo holder). This makes them very popular for solo masturbation, but they’re also great for couples to play with, as the suction dildo gives you both a free hand and can be used with most O-ring strap-on dildos

And with a pure silicone design (which most good ones are), suction dildos are safe for the body and waterproof. Since silicone dildos are usually longer than G-spot vibrators and other penetrative sex toys for beginners, it’s recommended that you lube them to avoid causing micro-stings or other discomfort, even if you don’t have a wetness problem.

The best silicone suction cup dildos money can buy
Duchess by Tantus
If you need the best vibrating dildo for beginners, look no further – Duchess by Tantus has everything you need. Its bulbous head and flared base are ideal for anal play or those just figuring out the thrill of penetration, while the included waterproof bullet vibrator is perfect for those who like a little more stimulation before they get started. Designed with 100% pure ultra-soft silicone, this toy is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, boilable, bleachable, and dishwasher safe. Its base is both harness compatible and has a powerful suction cup, so how you choose to play is up to you!
Rusé by Rouge Vignette
Maybe this isn’t your first rodeo and you want more from your next suction cup dildo. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to check out this thick toy by Blush Novelties. Also designed with silicone, this slightly curved dildo is thicker than most dildos (nearly two inches in diameter). It also has a suction cup base that is compatible for those looking to add to their bundle collection.
Rock Candy Suga Daddy 5.5-inch dildo.
Not every suction cup dildo is compatible with strap-ons, and usually, that’s not a big deal. But if you’re someone who likes the option of using bondage, you’ll want to grab a toy with a flared base, like Rock Candy’s Suga Daddy silicone suction cup dildo. It can be used on its own or as a strap-on (you just need to provide the belt) and comes in a few different sizes. I like the 5.5-inch version because it’s not too small and still provides good control, and the swirly ridges are an added bonus.
Paloqueth Realistic Dildo
Paloqueth’s 6.7-inch super soft silicone dildo holds its rank as one of the best realistic dildos on Amazon. This lifelike suction dildo features “raised veins” and solid silicone testicles with realistic texture and feel. This particular toy is strap-on compatible and even includes a convenient trial size water-based lubricant.
Jezebel’s Temptasia
Silicone dildos don’t always look the same – take Jezebel’s Temptasia, for example. Its curved ridges are ideal for exploring G-spot stimulation, and instead of a flared, round base, this dildo has a heart-shaped suction cup. It’s definitely cute, but apparently not as strong, according to Amazon reviewers. So, if you’re willing to sacrifice sturdiness for style, this O-ring compatible dildo should tickle your fancy nicely!
Sensa Feel Dual Density Dildo by Blush Novelties
This dildo may not look like a real dildo, but it sure feels like one, and you can thank its dual-density design. made from body-safe, non-harmful silicone, Sensa Feel gives users the dildo experience of a lifetime by using two layers of silicone (instead of one solid plate) and curved ridges that provide unparalleled G-spot stimulation. The inner layer is much harder than the outer layer, leaving the user with a realistic, non-spherical sex toy.
This stripped down squirting dildo is about as real as fake things get. Designed using silicone, the Big Shot suction dildo measures 8 inches (six of which are insertable) and includes a vibrator as well as a cable for your choice of semen-like fluids (there are specific semen-simulating lubes you can buy, or you can just stick with what you like best). Using two button controls, the user can change the vibration settings or release the load (which is pretty heavy according to Amazon reviewers). While the vibrator claims to be waterproof, users claim it’s more like splash-proof, as submerging it in water can cause it to work less efficiently. So, maybe be safe and don’t drag this bad boy into the tub with you.