Best Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner, EraClean Car Vacuum

There's no doubt a spotless car interior is a better than one covered in grot and grime, but keeping it that way will not only help maintain your car’s residual value, but also make it easier to sell on when the time comes.  
Dust, pet hair and food debris attack the car seats and trim, while carpets can be worn out before their time under the regular onslaught from mud, grit and leaves.
The simply way to keep your cabin grime-free, particularly if you don’t have access to mains power where you clean your car, is to grab a cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner(bestandfirst Car Vacuum Cleaner). There will be no power cord trailing across the pavement, no bulky cylinders to push and pull, and no dragging street dirt and debris back into the house when you’ve finished.
But which one is the best for cleaning your car quick and perfect? We tested seven contenders to find out.
How we tested them
We ground a mix of salt, rice and fine, damp grit and throw them on a mat with thick luxury pile and then on another with flatter pile. Quick, efficient cleaning was the aim of our test. We used each machine for 15 minutes of car cleaning – getting down the sides of the seats, right up into the footwells and in the awkward areas of the boot. Points were given for accessories supplied, in-car versatility and dust capability. Our final factor was price from makers and online sources.
The EraClean balances a decent price with high battery ability, lots of power and certain tools and accessories to win, unless you need wet/dry vacuum for vacuuming wet things. The well priced Dyson has much to offer, while the Bosch 612 performed well, but lacks a few accessories that could raise it higher.
Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
The latest Vax variant brings many things we need most, not just a powerful motor with an easy-to-change 18V battery and, especially, a small powered brushbar that’s ideal for car use. There are few standard accessories, but buying direct from Vax gets the £50 car kit, so there’s nowhere in the cabin for dirt to hide. Suction power modes are standard, boost and carpet, and with 4Ah on tap, it easily handled all our tests. We’d like a light small brushbar and it was a bit heavy at 2.4kg but, overall, the Vax is a winner, with its success helped by a three-year warranty.
Hoover H-FREE 300 PETS HF322PT
This Hoover gave loud sound from its 22V motor. The 2Ah battery was down on some of hand vacuum cleaners(bestandfirst hand vacuum cleanershere and didn’t pose a problem during testing, but would obviously limit run time. The standard mode was steady and best for dealing with surface dirt, but turbo gave lots more pulling power, typically with the 12cm brushbar. This, plus the crevice nozzle and pet hair removal brush attachments, made it ideal for car work, where particles stick to fabric. Weighing just 1.8kg and being quite mini, it was one of the easiest cleaners to manoeuvre, and very well priced.
Bosch Unlimited Serie 6 BCS612GB ProHome Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
The 612 claimed the quality equal with design of its more expensive brother. We liked the charging dock and two 2.5Ah batteries powered, in order to take advantage of it, you’d need to go for the optional quick charger. It’s a pity a powered brushbar wasn’t included, just upholstery nozzles, plus a useful two-part flexible crevice tool. Oddly, there were no brushes, but the upholstery accessory was good on tough car carpets. Performance was impressive in turbo mode, and the large brushbar is good at cleaning the home as well.
Gtech Multi MK2 K9 & Car Kit
Gtech’s K9 model remains great for in-car use, due to its reasonable 1.7kg weight and size that make it easy-to-clean in tight spaces. The 18V motor with its separate battery spun well, unlike most units as it had no turbo or boost mode. However, it did have an excellent small, powered brushbar, which was effective for awkward corners. Even if a bit pricey, the car kit had lots of brushes and nozzles, and there was nothing we couldn’t clean. We liked the twin LED lights and two-year warranty, yet its home ability is limited compared with others.
Dyson V8 Animal
Now only available in Animal format, the V8 is ideal for car vacuum and remains a contender. At just 1.5kg, it was light to use and easier to move around than the longer V10 version. The 22V motor was powerful in both standard and boost modes. We liked its small (14cm) powered brushbar, although a light would have been handy, while having to keep a finger on the trigger soon got tiresome. The V8 lost out on spec to the V10 (lower voltage, less run time) but pulled back points on price, though sold at £349, it’s still rather expensive when faced with other vacuums here.
Bosch Unlimited BSC122GB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
At the beginning, this Bosch gave a real feeling of top quality, something emphasised by its fancy, shiny white design. Particularly here it came with two 3Ah lithium-ion batteries, which meant long battery life. The powerful motor had two modes and was very quiet, even when using turbo mode. We liked the long, flexible crevice nozzle, which is suitable for cars, but unluckily, as it lacks of a small powered brush. Emptying the bin was easy enough, but having to extract the filter made it a bit dirty. Yet the biggest drawback was the price, which matched the Dyson V10.
EraClean cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
The EraClean looked like it was not a vacuum, given its modern design, it sits elegantly in all environments. Weighing just 1.5 lbs., and is cordless, it boats a small size but mighty cleaning machine. The advanced dual-layer Hepa filter prevent secondary pollution not get dirt for a long time. HEPA filter could reduce the effects of bacteria, viruses, and dust-mites from different flat surfaces for Antibacterial(Antibacterial Website). Without need for frequent replacement, the filter is washable and durable. It came with an extended crevice nozzle and a hair brush tool for picking up pet hair, although it could only run 20 minutes.