Multi Band HF / VHF / UHF base antennas


The Comet CHA-250B is a newly designed broadband vertical requiring NO GROUND RADIALS.

This antenna is EXTREMELY easy to assemble, requires no tuning or adjustments and VSWR is under 1.6:1 continuously from 3.5MHz – 57MHz!

It is not a 1/4 wave vertical, but an end-fed long wire type antenna with a matching transformer in a vertical position.



TX 3.5 – 57MHz

RX 2.0 – 90MHz

VSWR: 1.6:1 or less

Max Power: 250W SSB

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Length: 23’5″

Weight: 7 lbs 1 oz

Connector: SO-239

Mast Size Required: 1″-2″ diameter

Max Wind Speed: 67MPH


If you have the space, budget and desire to erect a full size antenna system we suggest you do so… bigger is better…however…if you live in an antenna restricted area and must manage with antenna or space restrictions or you simply wish to operate incognito you will be forced to make significant antenna compromises. The CHA-250B will make the most of these circumstances!

CHA-250B Transformer Section

This is a the “magic” behind the CHA-250B, the transformer matching section.

The transformer on the original CHA-250 had smooth sides.  The current version has a heat sink to dissipate heat created inside the transformer. 

Yes, some of the RF that enters the power feeding section is turned into heat rather than transmitted as RF, but that is one of the compromises needed to create a broad-band, low SWR, multi-band HF antenna with minimal visual mpact.


5-Band, 1/2 wave rotatable dipole for 40/20/15/10/6 meters

This is the compact dipole used for HF communications on the set of the ABC Television show “Last Man Standing” with Tim Allen. The crowded space above the set required a compact multi-band dipole, and the CHV-5X was selected to solve the problem the minimal space presented.

Compact, lightweight, and easily assembled in either a horizontal, “V” shape or ground-plane configuration. Each band tunes independently of the others.

Comet engineers have specifically designed this antenna for those that desire a milti-band dipole that can be rotated if needed, but do not have a lot of room to install it.

If you have antenna restrictions, neighbors that tend to complain about antennas, simply want to operate without drawing attention…or you want a lightweight multi-band antenna to use in portable or emergency situations, the CHV-5X is a great choice.

Max power:
40/20M 150W SSB
15/10/6M 220W SSB

Horizontal length: 13 ft approx

Weight: 5 lbs 14 oz approx

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Connector: SO-239

Mounting mast req’d: 1″-2.5″

Typical 1.5:1 or less SWR bandwidth:
40M: 22kHz
20M: 36kHz
15M: 54kHz
10M: 140kHz
6M: 1.8MHz


As installed and used above the set of “Last Man Standing” starring Tim Allen

The H-422 is a broad-band, compact, rotatable dipole designed to offer excellent performance even when mounted at only 10-15ft above ground in a V or horizontal configuration.
Heavy duty hardware and 2.5kW balun are included.
During assembly the user chooses any of the three pre-drilled holes to tune the 20/15/10M SWR dips to the low – mid – or upper band ranges simultaneously. 40M TX bandwidth tunes independently of the other three bands.
Frequency Range: 7, 14, 21, 28MHz
VSWR: 1.5:1 or less after tuning
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Length: “V” shape:  24 ft 5 inches
Horizontal:  33 ft 10 inches
Weight: 11 lbs 14 ozs
Max Power: 1000W SSB / 500W FM
Max Wind Survival: 67MPH
Wind Load: 3.01 sq feet
Connector: SO-239
Construction: Aluminum tubing, stainless steel hardware
2.5kW Balun included

80/40/20/15/10/6/2M/70cm compact 8-band vertical base station antenna

8 bands and only about 8 feet tall

Each HF band + 6M has it’s own tuning stub. Adjust the SWR to the desired band segment, then use an antenna tuner to TX outside of the 2:1 or less band-width. 2M and 70cm bands are pre-set at the factory and there are no adjustments.

The ground radial system is unique…the radials are screwed into 2 collars. The collars can be rotated and fixed so all the radials are located to one side of the antenna….allowing it to be side-mounted on a tower, or next to a building wall for stealth operation.

Gain & Wave:
80-6M:   1/4 wave
146MHz: 1/2 wave 2.15dBi
446MHz: 5/8 wave x 2  5.5dBi
VSWR: 1.5:1 or less at resonant frequency
Max Power: HF: 200W SSB 6M -70cm 150W FM
Length:  8′ 6″  (approx)
Diameter: 8′ (max. approx)
Weight: 5 lbs 7 ozs
Connector: SO-239

HVU-8 Rotatable Ground Radials

The HVU-8 was designed for those suffereing from antenna restrictions in mind.

Anticipating it may need to be installed hidden from view along the side of a building or home, rather than in the preferable location in free space, the ground radial system uses two rotating rings.  The radials are screwed into the rings, and the rings can then be rotated so they all are on one side of the antenna rather than the preferred 360 degree spacing.

The SWR maybe negatively influenced by the spacing, but if you are in need of a multi-band HF antenna, that includes 6M 2M and 440MHz, and have little space or cooperation, you will need to make some compromises.