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Comet calls these “triplexers”, but they are also referred to as combiners or splitters.
They are basically band-pass filters, simultaneously passing RF in both directions through the common connector while the band-pass filters provide a high degree of isolation between ports.

TX and RX from three separate radios, at the same time, into a single triband antenna

Combine a triband radio with three separate antenna outputs into a single triband antenna
Allow a single coax run into three antennas at the top of the tower, and three radios at the bottom, by using a triplexer at both ends of the coax run, avoiding cost and weight
Choose from versions with a variety of band-pass frequency ranges, with or without coax leads, and connector combinations.

**NOTE**  How to use a dualband radio, and a separate 220MHz radio, into a single triband antenna

We are frequently asked if we have a Duplexer or Triplexer that will allow a dualband radio (with a single connector), and a single band 220MHz radio, to be used with the Comet CX-333 triband base antenna and/or Comet SBB-224 triband mobile antenna.

The answer is:  You need to use both a duplexer AND a triplexer to accomplish that.
First:  Use the CF-4160J, with the common port screwed into the dualband radio, you’ll need your own jumper terminating in a PL-259 on both ends.  With the CF-4160J in place you have effectively turned the single connector on the radio back into two separate antenna connectors….one for 2M and one for 440.
Next:  Use the Comet CFX-324A triplexer
The 2M connector on the CFX-324A screws into the 2M port on the CF-4160J
The 220Mz connector on the CFX-324A screws into the 220MHz radio
The 440MHz connector on the CFX-324A screws into the 440MHz port on the CF-4160J

This enables TX and RX on all three bands simultaneously!


2M/220/70cm Triplexer with coax leads

Band Pass      Ins Loss    Max Power
1.3-150MHz          .2dB          600W PEP
200-320MHz      .25dB          600W PEP
390-500MHz       .3dB           600W PEP

Isolation: 40dB minimum

Common: SO-239
Low Pass: PL-259 w/coax lead
Mid Pass: PL-259 w/coax lead
High Pass: PL-259 w/coax lead


2M/220/440MHz Triplexer

Band Pass    Ins. Loss     Max Power
1.3-150MHz        .2dB             600w PEP
200-320MHz    .25dB             600w PEP
390-500MHz     .3dB              600w PEP

Isolation: 40dB minimum

Common: SO-239
Low Pass: PL-259
Mid Pass: PL-259
High Pass: PL-259


2M/440/1200MHz Triplexer

Band Pass        Loss      Max Power
1.3-150MHz        .25dB      1000W PEP
350-500MHz     .25dB        500W PEP
840-1400MHz  0.3dB        200W PEP

Isolation: 50dB

Common:  N-Female
Low Pass:  PL-259
Mid Pass :  PL-259
High Pass:  N-Male


HF-6M/2M/440MHz Triplexer

Frequency Range  Loss    Max Power
1.3-90MHz                 0.2dB     800w PEP
130-200MHz           0.25dB    800w PEP
380-500MHz            0.3dB     500w PEP

Isolation: 55dB


Common:  SO-239
Low In:
  PL-259 with coax lead
Mid Pass: PL-259 with coax lead
High Pass  PL-259 with coax lead

There are several other HF-6M/2M/440MHz triplexers with different coax connector combinations

CFX-514N: Same as CFX-514, but has an N-Conn on 440MHz
CFX-5140: Same as CFX-514, but without coax leads


HF-6M/2M/440MHz Triplexer

Band Pass      Ins. Loss    Max Power
1.3-90MHz          0.15dB        800w PEP
130-200MHz       0.2dB        800w PEP
380-500MHz      0.25dB       500w PEP

Isolation: 55dB

Common: SO-239
Low Pass:
Mid Pass: SO-239
High Pass:  SO-239