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single-band mobile antennas

Fold-Over Hinge

Most Comet mobile antennas over 29″ length have a fold-over hinge built into the base section of the antenna. It is NOT an automatic fold-over, you must manually lift the element up and out of the socket and lay the antenna whip down in order to enter garages, parking structures etc…

It is important that you lift the whip completely up and out of the socket before folding the hinge. Like any hinge, it will BREAK if it is folded the wrong direction. The hinge rotates 360 deg inside the socket so it will fold in the direction needed.

Many Chinese copies and other look-a-like antennas have very annoying problems associated with their fold-over hinges. The most common is a weak spring. The antenna will lift up and out of the socket all by itself at highway speeds! The antenna is unusable when it is laying down and most users need to defeat the hinge or constantly adjust the angle to keep it vertical.

And to be honest, Comet had this problem “initially” as well!  The weak spring was almost always a problem with the larger antennas. Comet engineers went to work and re-designed the fold-over. Our larger antennas now have a threaded collar around the hinge: Loosen the collar, lift it up, and the hinge is exposed. No more problem of the antenna spring expanding and the antenna laying down by itself at highway speed!

**Warning** Some antenna companies have copied the Comet fold-over design and improved their fold-over feature, but many have chosen NOT to make the improvement and save the cost.


Single-band 1240-1300MHz mobile antenna

Gain & Wave:
7.2dBi 5/8 wave x 3
VSWR:  1.5:1 or less
Max Power:  50 watts
Length:  24″
Connector:  N-Type

If you are searching for a magnet mount with N-type connectors, choose the Comet MG-4N.


The SBB25 is the best 2M mobile antenna COMET has to offer.
The radiation pattern provides the best possible signal strength and coverage area.

Gain & Wave:
4.1dBi center-load 5/8 wave
VSWR:  1.5:1 or less
Max Power:  200 watts
Length:  57″

Threaded collar fold-over hinge included, it will not slip up and fold-over by itself while traveling at highway speed.

SBB25:   PL-259


Mobile 802.11b,g Wi-Fi Antenna, 2.4GHz

Used in 2.4GHz mobile public service safety projects worldwide.

Provides excellent signal strength in metro scale Wi-Fi installations.

Gain & Wavelength:
7.4dBi 1/2wave x 5
VSWR:  1.5:1 or less
Max Power:  50 watts
Length:  18″
Construction: Fiberglass radome, with spring base
Connector: N-male
For magnet mounting, choose the MG-4N